Paolo Forti

The history of the products of Paolo Forti is that of a family’s workers, strongly linked to their native territory and to the traditional Sicilian sweets.

Once upon a time when popular modern bakeries didn’t exist, in  the heart of the Madonie (in the pretty medieval village of Castelbuono) the laborious aunt Epifania bring out her kitchen tasties cookies and delicious products of Sicilian tradition. They were simple products but able to conquer the most demanding palates: from housewives who love “to prepare everything in house” to greedy children strongly linked to the authentic and genuine grandmother’s cookies’ flavor (“biscotto della nonna’s flavor”).


Tradition and Experience


In 1970 with the support and the experience of the beloved aunt, Mr Paolo Forti starts to produce his famous cookies inheriting the meticulousness in the choose of fresh and genuine ingredients and controlling carefully all realization stages of the product in order to create every day “master-pieces” with inimitable flavors and fragrances (just homemade cookies!).

Certainly, since 1970 Paolo Forti’s cookies have never betrayed the enthusiasts’ trust. In fact, his mastery of the method and in the unchanged genuineness of the ingredients, have consolidated in the years the products’ notoriety and Paolo Forti and his family’s reputation.  It is one of the few activities that to be defined of “Bakery masters” (“Mastri Fornai”).


A Company in constant evolution


The value of aunt’s recipes, to whom the production is yet inspired,  is strengthened by an advanced and  technological manufacturing plant and by an evolved and efficient commercial staff who, in synergy with the R&D Department and thanks to Quality Process Control, allows to the Paolo Forti’s company to expand business horizons and pursuing new target markets, knowing well how to combine the rigorous methodology of tradition with an efficient production process.

Paolo Forti’s products are thought to satisfy the world of modern distribution thanks ideas, formats and marketing strategies that are perfectly synchronous with tastes and habits of consumers. In fact they are also functional to adapt themselves to changes and evolutions of the various actives distribution channels in the national and international markets.

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