The Masoni family carries on the tradition and taste of Sienese sweets through simple ingredients, high quality raw materials, modern processing but still linked to the past, and above all recipes that are handed down from generation to generation, and which testify to the long history of this family in the field of pastry.

  • Masoni - CHOCOLATE PANFORTE - NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

    Cholocate Panforte This cake with its extremely refined taste is made with a mix of candied fruit, ground almonds and hazelnuts, as well as bits of candied cherries which perfectly complement the very fine cocoa powder added to the mixture, which is then fully coated with extra dark chocolate with a decided taste. NW 8.81 oz (250 g)


    Panforte di Siena

    The Panforte was prepared for the first time in 1879 on the occasion of a visit to Siena of queen Margherita to see the Palio. It was the occasion to present a Panforte that better mirrored the evolution of the taste and preference of consumers.

    NW 12.35 oz (350 g) NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

  • Masoni - PANFORTE DI SIENA with APRICOTS & PEARS - NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

    Panforte di Siena with Apricots & Pears This new Panforte with its peculiar ingredients is a novelty created by Masoni to offer consumers a different flavour, gentler and more delicate. The candied apricot and pear lend a soft and sweet quality to the product, while the ground roasted hazelnuts make it crunchy, for an outstanding and tasty result. NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

  • Masoni - PANFORTE DI SIENA with FIGS & WALNUTS - NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

    Panforte di Siena with Figs & Walnuts This particular variety of panforte was born from an idea of Giuseppina Bonelli. Due to the shortage of raw materials during wartime, she came up with a panforte containing the dried fruit then available in Tuscany, that is dried figs and walnuts; figs and walnuts are two ingredients once considered poor,however today they enhance each other perfectly creating a unique and successful product! NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

  • Masoni - PANPEPATO - NW 8.81 oz (250 g)

    Panpepato Among all the types of panforte, panpepato (pepperbread) is the simplest, and probably also the oldest. It was invented in the monasteries where the monks mixed the various ingredients, including spices, like cinnamon and pimento, which give panpepato its characteristic “strong” taste. NW 8.81 oz (250 g)


    Ricciarelli di Siena IGP - Chewy Italian Almond Cookies A curious story says that in the Middle Ages a nun of the Order of Mary’s Servants toasted Siena marzipan too much by mistake and the result were ricciarelli biscuits. Toasted and curled by the high temperature, but delicate and tasty; they are prepared grinding the sugar and almonds, then adding egg white and honey; when they have been formed they are dusted with icing sugar and baked in the oven. NW 8.47 oz (240 g) NW 6.35 oz (180 g)


    Ricciarelli di Siena IGP with Cocoa - Chewy Italian Almond Cookies This particular variety of ricciarelli are made adding to the tradional receipe some fine Italian Cocoa powdwer NW 8.47 oz (240 g) NW 6.35 oz (180 g)

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