Le Preziose

The real star product of the company “Le Preziose” jelly sweets are available in elegant 200gr packs which bring together the flavours and aromas of the Calabrian earth: liquorice, orange, lemon and bergamot.
Calabrian liquorice is simply the best in the world. “Glycy-rhiza” or “sweet roots” is an ancient remedy for ailments of the throat, stomach and liver. It grows on the coast to the north and south of the Sibari plain and on the Ionian sea coast near Catanzaro. Our jelly sweets contain liquorice extract from DOP certified Calabrian plants.
Calabrian citrous fruits account for a quarter of the national total, enjoying as they do the warm and dry climate of our coastal areas. Our jelly sweets contain 20% of Calabrian orange and lemon juice.

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