I Bibanesi

Often growing and renewing completely in the 70’s it achieved a level of a high standard bakery in that period in the north east in consideration of the quantity and quality of bread produced without losing the fragrances of a food company dedicated to the realization of traditional agricultural Venetian products in the nature of craftsmanship.

Deliberately, the company preferred not to transform the productive machinery into a complete automatized process with the conviction that the so called industrial bakeries would transform a remarkable quantity of bread that would lack that characteristic fragrance and desirability from a working method , at least on one side, anchored to the best artisan traditions and therefore tied to various stages to be carried out normally during production.

For this reason, regardless the numerous quantity of bread produced daily, the following reconstructions would never disrupt the delicate essentiality of the working process of the dough carried out according to the most rigorous and traditional canons in the art of ‘bread making’. This rigorous philosophy has acted in a way that the market would connote the typical Da Re bread as a product of great and acknowledged quality.

From this point however, the difficulty in the distribution of bread to a considerable number of points of sale or outlets was that of the night shifts and the rather insurmountable problem of qualified workers prepared to work at night for the high turnover of production done at that time.

Therefore it became necessary to examine, to discover and in some way to invent a completely new product, a valid substitute to bread and at the same time slightly bread and slightly bread stick able to maintain unaltered the genuine and typical fragrance, freshness and flavour of a good quality handmade bread as in the past. That is to follow the footsteps of the best and most solid artisan tradition.

  • I Bibanesi - EVO TARALLI - NW 3.54oz - 100g

    The ingredients are selected with the care and the passion of the people who have been making bread for generations, the dough is stretched gently by hand after a long leavening of at least one day.
    All this creates OLIVES i Bibanesi, a simple but delicious and fragrant bread, with a pleasant taste nicely enhanced by extra virgin olive oil.
    The delicate taste of olives, enriched by the sweetness of the roasted sesame seeds, makes “i Bibanesi” a tasty snack ideal for every time of the day.

  • I Bibanesi - PIZZA FLAVOURED BREADSTICKS - NW 4.41oz - 125g

    Wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, cheese and a pinch of oregano… and you’ve got the “i Bibanesi” irresistible PIZZA flavour. Stretched gently by hand after a long leavening of more than 22 hours and enhanced by top quality of extra virgin olive oil, the PIZZA flavoured i Bibanesiare baked in tribute to the best artisan traditions and totally free of food additives.
    The extraordinarily high quality and simplicity of the ingredients used make the pizza flavoured “i Bibanesi” a perfect, tasty snack for any time of the day.

  • I Bibanesi - ROSEMARY BREADSTICK - NW 4.41oz - 125g

    The delicious ROSEMARY i Bibanesi are made with simple but tasty ingredients and with a process which respects the authentic homemade tradition.
    Stretched gently by hand after a long leaving of more than 18 hours and enhanced by top quality extra virgin olive oil, the “i Bibanesi” are a nutritious, tasty and balanced snack.
    With their delicate flavour, enhanced by a light touch of rosemary, the “i Bibanesi” are an excellent and tempting snack for any time of the day.

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